Azienda Agricola Scarbolo Sergio

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Azienda Agricola Scarbolo Sergio

Today I begin a new section: the wineries!

Sergio ScarboloOne of my favorite wineries is the farm Scarbolo: Sergio and Gabriella always welcome you with open arms and you can get a taste of their wines directly from the winery.

You can take a look at their machinery, silos, to the barrels, vineyards …

You can taste and buy wines directly both bulk and bottled wines, the prices are around € 2 for bulk wine while for most of the bottles the price is around 5 €

I personally recommend the tocai friulano, chardonnay, sauvignon, pinot grigio, verduzzo, Yellow Muscat, picolit, Cabernet Franc, Refosco dal peduncolo rosso, Franconia, without forgetting the beautiful sparkling Ribolla Gialla!

Scarbolo is an agricultural company located south of Cividale del Friuli –formerly the capital of the Longobard Dukedom (Forum Julii) and the seat of the Patriarch – on the way to Gorizia in the area called Spessa: this is an area of extraordinary tradition in the cultivation of table and grapes, where vineyards cover sweet hillsides and dominate the landscape.

Near this area stands Bosco Romagno, a natural park.

aziendascarbolo2The ground is mainly constituted of marl and sandstone, which enable the cultivation of excellent wines with optimal organoleptic characteristics.

Grandfather Antonio moved from Prepotto to Spessa in 1928 and started to cultivate vine as a tenant farmer.

In the 1970’s his son Attilio bought the estate from the Cividale Hospital and it is now Sergio, Antonio’s grandson who runs the company with the most up to date equipment and personally takes care of the vineyards.

The vines are exposed south west, they are blown by sweet winds and give excellent wines, both autochthonous and imported, that are typical of the Colli Orientali (the east hills).

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