Sergio Scarbolo Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc Ruby red wine with very evident violet shades. Intense herbaceous aroma prevailing on fruity notes. Full-bodied, decided taste, it has a good acidity and is generally low ion alcoholic level. Typical wine to couple with red grilled or … Continued

Tenuta Luisa Rol I Ferretti

Red wine selection Rol I Ferretti Ròl, in Friulan dialect means “Oak” and was born from the desire to create an excellent and refined red wine. Best expressing the terroir of Corona, this wine is particularly devoted to the cultivation … Continued

Humar Rogoves

Rogoves Grape Variety This variety comes from the Bordeaux region in France, from the Gironde. The fruit is flawed and inconsistent with low production and therefore you always get a great wine. Description The color is ruby red, with garnet-purple, … Continued

Humar Pinot Nero

Pinot Nero Grape Variety Its cultivation origin is in Borgogna, Champagne and in very restrected areas in Friuli. It is a high quality wine, it makes no difference whether it has a white wine making or whether it has a … Continued

Ronc di Guglielmo Merlot

Merlot   The color is ruby red, the nose is full, slightly herbaceous reminiscent of black cherry and blackberry. The taste is dry, soft and fruity, it is a wine that pairs beautifully with white and red meat, roasts and … Continued