Villa Medici Custoza

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Villa Medici CustozaWine growing area: Vineyards located in the Municipality of Sommacampagna (Verona) on the last buttresses of the Eastern morainal hills in the Lake Garda area.

Terrain: Chalky, clayey, stoney in parts and well exposed.

Type of cultivation: Low spurred cordon.

Maximum yield: 120 ql/ha

Vinification: Grapes harvested in small containers. Pressing and destemming. Soft pressing. Fermentation at controlled temperature of 18°C in steel barrels for about 20 days.

Organoleptic notes
Colour: Straw yellow with a hint of lime green.
Bouquet: Slightly aromatic, floral with a hint of exotic fruit.
Taste: Tasty, slightly aromatic, young.

Winery: Az. Agricola Villa Medici

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